Impact of AR on the jewelry industry

1 min readAug 2, 2021

Ever thought about how Augmented Reality would enter the luxury industry? The covid-19 pandemic hindered online sales for the luxury industry. A lot of people wanted to try how the product looked on them before buying it. Here’s where AR came in and helped in boosting online sales for the jewelry industry.

AR helps to show how a particular jewelry product will look on the client. The cutting-edge hand-scanning technology with AR creates a benchmark impact on the consumer as well as the business. It provides a simple user interface making it easy for the client to share the look of it with their friends on social media. Once the client has seen the looks of the product, it reduces the chances of the client returning the product. AR provides one-tap access to the jewelry collection, thus making it easier for the consumer to choose what suits them the best. Using augmented reality for jewelry businesses can educate customers about the types of gemstones, stones, and metals being used. Shoppers can virtually view the jewel information like size, history of creation, value, and lots more.

This new concept of purchasing jewelry using AR on your smartphone is gradually taking hold of the market. With this marketing strategy, jewelry brands can now reach out to clients globally. AR is increasing user retention after purchasing the item. So, if you’re planning to develop a successful AR experience for your business that serves as a virtual jewelry showcase, contact us today.