How AR helps to increase customer engagement?

2 min readOct 28, 2021


Do you remember how the Pokémon go game entered the market and drove everyone insane with their popularity? Do you think marketers can use this technology and attract more users?

The answer to this is a yes. With AR coming in, its growth has proved to be a precious gem for marketers as it boosts customer engagement as well as contributes towards spreading awareness about a particular product.

After Pokémon go, there has been a boom in quite many AR games that work with a similar principle: explore the surroundings via the smartphone camera and collect items, perform tasks, interact with virtual objects. While the primary goal of such games and applications is entertainment, companies can use them to their benefit to attract new users and get their attention.

The right use of AR can increase the recognition of your brand and encourage users to engage with your brand more efficiently. AR can deliver tangible results to your brand or company.

The diversity of choices and the increased competition between products has become tight and marketers need efficient tools like AR to help attract their audience.

Many people often leave their online cart empty or leave a physical store without actually making a purchase. This is mainly because they are not sure how the product will look in their room or how it will match the items they already own. Here are a few options as to how AR can help solve this issue:

  • It informs the users about the product by simply scanning a product or a QR code
  • For a business like jewelry, make-up, clothing, and many others, it gives the consumers an option to try the product.
  • For museums and art galleries, it offers the audience to experience by touring the user through the galleries virtually.

AR eliminates this uncertainty by enabling people to actually “try” the product and match it with the needed items — all that without even leaving their home.

For the AR to bring profit to your company, first, define your business goals and therefore the state of the business and see which areas involve optimization. Only after defining the difficulty, you’ll come up with an appropriate AR solution that will assist you to resolve it and attract customers to your product.

Your AR should run smoothly and in a bug-free manner. For that, confirm you hire experienced developers like Cameraah, who can ensure both AR integration and a high-quality user experience.