Enabling furniture sales using AR

2 min readJul 6, 2021


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. Retailers in all sectors have been forced to level up their online game and do their best by adapting to new technologies like AR in order to keep up with the customers’ needs.

Customers are pleased with the advancement of the tech industry today. The progress and expansion of AR online has made it easier for customers to interact with the product. It helps customers imagine how a specific product will look in that environment, increasing their engagement and aiding their purchase decision.

Have you ever made a wrong decision while purchasing furniture or something for your interiors?

Most people admit that they tried ordering furniture online and after its delivery, they realized that it doesn’t fit well. Here’s where AR helps the furniture industry shine online.

AR helps customers visualize virtually how a particular piece of furniture will look in that space. 3D models enhance the online experience of the customers and inspire them, thus helping in assured buying decisions.

Furniture World reported a 600% growth in AR usage through their customers’ website and a 150% increase in their conversion rates. They said that 78% of their customers preferred to interact with AR than to watch a 30-second video of the product before buying it.
(Source: Furniture World)

It’s true that reviews help in knowing the feedback, quality, and feel of the product but it does not contribute to helping customers understand how it will look or fit in a given space. It is only AR that’s going to help the customer understand that.

AR is not just for entertainment anymore, but a necessity for any furniture brand to keep up with the expectations of the customers from e-commerce.

Cameraah helps furniture companies create AR commerce and virtual try-on experiences. Here are some examples:

Chair: https://link.cameraah.com/9wogS

Sofa: https://link.cameraah.com/6YHmi