AR vs VR

2 min readAug 16, 2021


AR and VR are often confused to be technological twins but they are technological cousins. AR and VR have immense scope in the future of gaming, education, e-commerce, marketing, and many other. They are both known for their enriched experience that brings the virtual world and the real world together and the 3D visuals.

Virtual reality and augmented reality accomplish very different things in very different ways, despite their device’s similar designs.

  • AR offers the users a real-world experience whereas VR offers the users the experience of a fictional world
  • AR users can control their presence in the real world, whereas VR users are controlled by the system.
  • AR can be accessed with a smartphone whereas VR cannot function without a headset device.
  • AR users are still in touch with the real world while interacting with virtual objects nearer to them. As for VR users, they are isolated from the real world and immerse their selves in a completely fictional world.

So which one has a better scope? It is predicted that in the next 3–5 years AR and VR will be applied in different ways. They both will serve different purposes and offer different values. They both are powerful technologies, that are yet to make their mark with the consumers but show a lot of promise. They will become more involved in the way we work, play, and learn.

Since AR and VR are not the same, they require business leaders to devise different strategies for implementing these technologies in their business. Cameraah is a no-coded platform that helps brands and individuals create their own AR experiences. Sign up and start creating your AR experience today!